About us

We are born out of a passion for cybersecurity
Our team was born out of a shared passion for cybersecurity and a desire to test our skills in a competitive environment. We enjoy solving CTF challenges, which allow us to learn new techniques, sharpen our critical reasoning, and work synergistically as a team.

A diverse and complementary team
We members of Rubi di Cubrik come from different backgrounds, experiences, but share the same dedication to cybersecurity. Among us are students, professionals, ethical hackers, and enthusiasts, each with their own skills and specializations. This heterogeneity allows us to approach CTF challenges with a variety of approaches and find innovative solutions.

We compete to improve
We participate in CTF competitions of varying difficulty, with the goal of continually improving ourselves and comparing ourselves with other talented teams. Competition encourages us to give our best and hone our skills, but most importantly, it allows us to make new friends and network within the cybersecurity community.

More than just a team
In addition to being a competitive team, Rubi di Cubrik is also a group of friends who have fun together and share a passion for cybersecurity. We also organize events to deepen our knowledge and help others grow in this field.